Primate Bioproducts

Alpha Genesis, Inc. provides numerous nonhuman primate biological products and materials, including serum, plasma, whole blood, PBMC, and tissue samples from a wide variety of research species. Pricing for biological products and materials is highly competitive within the industry, and our rapid turn-around for specialized customer requests is second-to-none. AGI biological products and materials come directly from our AAALAC-accredited facilities located within the United States and are shipped overnight according to individual client specifications. AGI delivers primate bio-products worldwide, in accordance with all international shipping and permitting guidelines, including CITES.

Biological products and materials meeting specific origin, age, and sex requirements can be prepared as pooled or individual tubes aliquoted stored, and shipped at a specified temperature according to your needs. Biological products and materials are currently available from the following species:

Cynomolgus macaque - Macaca fascicularis – Mauritius or Chinese origin
Rhesus macaque - Macaca mulatta – Indian or Chinese origin
Others species available upon request